February 1, 2014

Mobile Device Tips

I am relatively new to the iPhone world and found some of the tips here extremely useful and they will alleviate some frustration with things I thought the phone should be able to do but could not figure out easily.  I like the format of the Apple site (http://www.apple.com/iphone-5c/tips/). It was easy to scroll through things and find what I wanted to learn without spending a lot of time watching tutorials when all I needed was a quick tip. Some of the most useful things were dealing with text/messages and the photo storage features - how can a librarian not like something that automatically adds meta data!

I also liked being able to add a website to my home screen.  Now my Super One "super coupon" is easily accessible when I am standing in line!

January 15, 2014

Mobile Thing 1

Learning is one of my passions but with life, work and still working on my MLIS it is hard to find time to learn "fun" things. Having a program like 23 Mobile Things allows me to focus on things that are fun and useful.  It also builds relationships as we learn through interactive apps and share that knowledge and experience.

July 11, 2008

Odiogo - text to podcasts

Check out Odiogo for an automatic text to audio recording of your blog entries. It will also add a link to your blog so that people can sign up for an rss feed for your site that will include your podcasts.

There is a brief advertisment for the service at the beginning of each podcast and some more unique local names it may not get pronounced exactly right but talk about an easy way to provide an audio opton for visitors to your site!

Actually they call the recordings "podiocasts" because they are not generated by humans!

May 6, 2008

Teaching Old Services New Tricks

Cheryl and I attended this Minitex webinar this afternoon in the comfort of our desk chairs! It was brief but lots of great ideas for how to use podcasts, videos on youtube, suggestions for library / technology blogs to follow and a new feature on Google calendars that uses RSS type feeds to send out informaiton about new events added to their calendar.

Our first plan/dream is to record a podcast of the library walking tour of Bob Dylan history and then with the assistance of my camera crazy son maybe a youtube video to go along with it.

So many ideas, so little time!

April 29, 2008


I started a hibbinglibrary twitter page. I think I can come up with a library related topic at least once a day.

Check it out at www.twitter.com/hibbinglibrary

Windows Live

I just signed up for the new windows live. I had to do it from home though from my work computer I was unable to access the registration page, I think it checks something with your windows software registration and my work computer would not be in an individual name.

It looks pretty neat, but I will have to find time to work with it more.